Frequently Asked Questions

SLO Veg Guarantee?2018-08-22T14:35:17+00:00

Yes! We guarantee every item that our farmers grow and harvest. Please remember the items we share from our farmers our fresh picked off the farm. There may be blemish or two, a little dirt on it, or irregular in shape. Please try it first before requesting to replace it. If you’re not
completely satisfied with an item you receive, please reach out to us. We will replace the item at our earliest convenience.

Are Gift Boxes and Gift Certificates available for purchase?2018-08-22T14:34:32+00:00

Yes! We offer gifts of our fresh SLO Veg harvest boxes. We’re happy to deliver directly to your desired friend / family member / or giftee’s home or to a delivery pick up location. We also offer gift certificates. Order your gift certificate(s) on our website shopping cart pages to be delivered with your upcoming delivery. Pick up at our warehouse, or we can mail it directly to the giftee(s). To purchase over the phone contact us: 805-704-8230, email us at ​service@sloveg.com​, or shop online with delivery to you.

How do I cancel my subscription?2018-08-22T14:33:22+00:00

You can cancel your deliveries temporarily by contacting us to suspend your subscription. You will not receive a delivery until you notify us. We can reinstate your account upon hearing from you to restart. To cancel your account/subscription permanently with SLO Veg please contact Amanda or Rachael by email at: service@sloveg.com or by calling us at 805-704.8230. Cancellations must be received 1 week (7 business days) prior to your next scheduled delivery/shipment day. Please ask for a confirmation email to ensure we received and processed your cancellation.

What if I forget to pick up my box at a pick up location?2018-08-22T14:31:54+00:00

Call your pick up location early the next morning to see if your box is still there. SLO Veg does not pick up leftover boxes at locations nor can we guarantee who picked up and who didn’t. Subscribers are responsible for remembering to pick up their SLO Veg Harvest Boxes. We’re sorry if you forgot, or you could not pick up, and your box was discarded. We cannot give credit for boxes that are not picked up.

When will I be charged for my box?2018-08-22T14:36:47+00:00

Our system will automatically bill your credit/debit card 1 day prior to delivery/shipment. If your credit card payment does not go through/declines, our system will continue each night to attempt to bill your card until your payment processes. Please update your account as soon as your receive it to avoid service disruption. Our auto generated email notifying you your card has declined to continue with delivery as scheduled. If you receive an updated card and need to add it, please log into your account on our “My Account” page to add it.

How do I add or change my address, pick up location, box size or how often I receive a delivery?2018-08-22T02:48:53+00:00

To change your box size, pick up location, delivery address, or delivery schedule sign into your account. Click on the “My Account” button at the top right corner of our website home page. Be sure and make any changes before 2:00 pm, 3 business days prior to your delivery. After 2:00 pm the system will lock you out and you will not be able to make any changes.

Monday account modifications received by Wednesday 2:00 pm the week prior
Tuesday account modifications received by Thursday 2:00 pm the week prior
Wednesday account modifications received by Friday 2:00 pm the week prior
Thursday account modifications received by Monday 2:00 pm the week prior
Friday account modifications received by Tuesday 2:00 pm the week prior

When will I get my next box if I am on hold?2018-08-22T14:38:05+00:00

For Weekly subscriptions, your next delivery will occur on your next regular delivery day after the end of your hold date. If you have a Bi Weekly subscription, your next delivery will fall two weeks after your hold but the system will ask you if you wish to change your schedule and receive a box earlier. If you would like to return the following week please switch your delivery schedule to schedule A or B depending on your current delivery schedule.

Can I place a hold on my box?2018-08-22T14:37:32+00:00

Yes! You have until 2:00 pm, 3 business days prior to your delivery/shipment day to place your box on hold. You have until 2:00 pm to place your hold. The system will lock you out of your hold section after 2:00 pm. (See our schedule below for your delivery day/time cut off). If an emergency arises and you need to place a hold on your delivery after the cut off time, please contact us at SLO Veg: 805-704-8230 or email us directly at: service@sloveg.com

We will do our best to hold your delivery.

We are closed weekends (Saturday & Sunday)

Your credit/debit card will be charged 1 day prior to your delivery. In an emergency situation, if your box is held after your card is charged, a credit will be placed on your account to pay for your next box.

Monday holds placed by Wednesday 2:00 pm prior week before delivery/shipment
Tuesday holds placed by Thursday 2:00 pm prior week before delivery/shipment
Wednesday holds placed by Friday 2:00 pm prior week before delivery/shipment
Thursday holds placed by Monday 2:00 pm week of delivery/shipment
Friday holds placed by Tuesday 2:00 pm week of delivery/shipment

To hold a box for a specific day(s), click on the days you wish to hold in your account. If you need to suspend your delivery indefinitely, please contact us. We can suspend your subscription and no deliveries will be sent nor will you be charged for them until you contact us again to activate your account at: ​service@sloveg.com​ or call our accounts management line: 805-704-8230 We are closed weekends (Saturday / Sunday’s)

May I get a box every other week?2018-08-22T14:35:56+00:00

Yes, of course you can! Our program is very flexible and we want our service to work best for you. When you sign up, you can select our Weekly, Bi Weekly (every other week), or Monthly delivery options. You can always change your frequency by logging into your account and selecting your preference.

How Do I Log Into My Account?2018-08-22T02:38:56+00:00

Click “My Account” button at the top right of our website. You can change your pick up location, delivery address, delivery day, box size, box frequency, and place holds on your delivery by logging into your account.