Fresh This Week!


Happy Spring Harvest April 15-19-2019 First Harvest English Shelling Peas - Red Barn Farms Murcott Mandarins - L&C Smith Groves Navel Oranges - L&C Smith Groves First Harvest Rio Red Grapefruit - Cal Poly First Harvest Leeks - MG Farms First Harvest Romaine Lettuce - MG Farms Green Curly Kale [...]

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Fresh This Week!


🌷Cheery Springtime Harvest April 8-12, 2019🌷 Murcott & Tango Mandarins - L&C Smith Groves & Cal Poly Farms Baby Easter Radishes - Babe Farms Blood Oranges - L&C Smith Groves Russian Banana Fingerlings - Weiser Farms First Harvest Sugar Snap or English Shelling Peas - Red Barn [...]

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Fresh This Week!


Happy Monday Friends! We've got all the colors of the rainbow in this week's fresh harvest! March 18-22, 2019 Sunflower Microgreens - Gracious Greens Cincinnati Radish - Babe Farms Organic Meyer Lemons- Encino Grande Ranch Organic Mandarin Tangerines - Encino Grande Ranch First Harvest Tender Celery - [...]

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Fresh This Week!


This Week's Fresh Harvest March 11-15, 2019 Organic Eureka Lemons - Encino Grande Ranch Red & Green Chard - Red Barn Farms Organic Sweet & Nutty Japanese Murasaki Yams - Quail Farms Yellow Carrots - Babe Farms Organic Fuji Apples - Cuyama Orchards Tangy Tangelos or Navel Oranges - [...]

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Fresh This Week!


This Week's Fresh Harvest March 4-8, 2019 Organic Purple Skin Japanese Murasaki Yams - Quail Farms Organic Fuji Apples - Cuyama Orchards Tokyo Turnips - Babe Farms First Harvest Brussels Sprouts - Martinon Farms First Harvest Leeks - Martinon Farms Purple Carrots - Babe Farms First Harvest Tender [...]

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Fresh This Week!


Fresh Asian Inspired Harvest Feb 25 - March 1, 2019 First Harvest Baby Green Leaf Lettuce - MG Farms Navel Oranges - L&C Smith Groves Sweet Pomelo or Mellogold Grapefruit - L&C Smith Groves Cilantro Bundles - Red Barn Farms Organic Eureka Lemons - Encino Grande Ranch [...]

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Fresh This Week!


Flavor Bomb Harvest Feb 18-22, 2019 Satsuma Mandarins - Cal Poly Farm Romanesco Cauliflower - Babe Farms Organic Orange Carrots - Rancho La Familia Navel Oranges - Cal Poly Farm Organic Fuji Apples - Cuyama Orchards First Harvest Green Cabbage - Martinon Farms Celery Root with Greens - [...]

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Sweetheart Harvest


Happy Valentine's Sweetheart Harvest Feb 11-15, 2019 Tangy "Tango" Mandarins or Kiwi Fruit - Cal Poly Organic Farm Red & Green Swiss Chard - Red Barn Farms First Harvest Sweet Baby Spinach - Babe Farms Red Beets - Babe Farms Organic Eureka Lemons - Encino Grande Ranch Sweet-Tart Star Ruby [...]

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